Michael Moore is an experienced and accomplished speaker on relationships and many other subjects.

He is an Australian and American who lived overseas for a good portion of his life. Also, a Serial Entrepreneur and a Perpetual Traveler who has spent time in 43 countries now.

His teachings on relationships and personality type have been at the college level. His experience covers over 30 years in studying and teaching on dating and finding the right partner, engagement and marriage, remarriage and understanding personality co-dependency and having healthy relationships.

Michael is considered extremely knowledgeable on these subjects and has helped countless people with his teachings. He has counseled many men and women about their relationships and gives very focused and valuable solutions while coaching people on how to move forward and have a healthy relationship.

“Happiness and Enjoying your Partner is the Objective,” he says.

“Don’t settle for the mundane, go for the best person you can attract, a very Romantic and Passionate person, a Hot man or woman that excites you every day of your life.”

“If you become a whole person, and you marry a whole person, your relationship will be bliss.”

Michael also has mentored many young entrepreneurs and heads up an Entrepreneurial Network and Bootcamp.

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